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If you are working in an organization that relies to work with Outlook as well as your colleagues and you usually move to offline working when you come to the non-approachability of network connection. In this way you hve collected huge information that is not synchronized to the Exchange Server. Suddenly, your organization decided to move on from Outlook. Now you have to find location of OST file from different mailboxes within in a network. Are you thinking how to locate OST files?

The prominent solution of your query is OST Finder tool of our organization that has unlimited abilities to find the .ost file location that further helps to locate OST files to the desired location of selected computer system.

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Locate Configured And Orphan OST Files »

To perform this task, you do need to think that how many systems connected in the network as well as you also not need to bother for connection of Exchange Server. It works while Exchange Server is connected. On the other hand, whether OST files are configured or orphan, it will easily find location of OST file without any changes in original properties of OST files. Within few seconds along with not any investment of efforts, it performs procedure to find Outlook OST file location.

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The need to find location of OST file might crop up when you are going to change your job, no matter what is the reason behind finding OST location as our tool performs the task intelligently and effectively. Our software also provides listing of OST files along with details like file name, machine name, file size, and file path. This statement can easily saved in CSV file format that further offers ease to find the selected OST file.